Proposing striper reg changes?


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Not sure if anyone else got an email from DFW regarding a survey for striped bass. From the preliminary results of said study, DFW wants to impose a "slot style" limit on stripers inside the bay. I believe the proposed size is 20"-30" in order to be legally harvested. Anything larger or smaller will need to be released. The reasoning behind this is to rebuild striper stocks...

As pierfishermen in the SF bay area know, stripers are a prized catch and are often targeted so I figured to throw the info up here so people know that these things are being talked about.

Funny how it was just several years ago when DFW wanted to completely eliminate they want to protect them...


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K1n: I must disagree (respectfully). I think the DFW has not changed their anti-striper attitude at all. I did take the survey and felt there was an undertone of extended keep limits. It is highly unlikely they have changed their minds.

I favor a retention of the two-striper limit, but I like a slot limit of mandatory release for fish over 25". This, of course, will never fly, and I could be satisfied with a 30" cutoff. In the meantime, I rarely go for a limit. One is enough for me, and my personal slot is 20 to 24 inches.
I completely understand what you mean. I just found it surprising how they stated that they intend to try to rebuild the stocks after all the ruckus with low water/low salmon/low delta smelt. Hope all has been well with you!!!


BTW, I'm totally OK with not keeping stripers over 30 inches. That's a lot of fish.