Packing for Catalina...

May be finally going to Catalina this summer to fish. Went back through the board and in this case it's a situation of
too much available information... Too many posts to sort through to get to the relevant info... Made me wish there was
a sticky section with common tips and tutorials questions so this kind of info would be easily at hand.

So my question is how do you pack for Catalina? I read all of the baggage and luggage detail info on the Catalina
Express site (wont be going on the Flyer since it seems like they are even MORE restrictive of the luggage) and I was
wondering what you take, how you pack it, how it's stored on the boat, etc? Am I way overthinking this? Do you just
take your regular pier set-up, or do you have a Catalina specific set-up that you take? Would love pictures of pre-boarding
packing of fishing gear!