Overnighter on Seabiscuit 10/5-10/6


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Not sure if I should be posting this here, but figuring I haven't posted in a while, why not?

There were 24 anglers on the boat, and we headed out to the backside of Santa Rosa. We ran into some ugly swells on the way there, but the weather was otherwise nice. Limits of rockfish and whitefish for almost everyone on the boat. Kept two reds, three coppers, two blues, a kelp rockfish, a yellowtail(?) rockfish, and a starry, with a limit of whitefish. Gave away/released a bunch of bocaccio, a gopher rockfish, and a sheephead. Also CPR'd a sarcastic fringehead.


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Ken Jones

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Wow, your mention of the Seabiscuit brings back memories. The first yellowtail I caught in San Diego were on the Seabiscuit out of the old Mission Bay Sportfishing (that later became the Islandia Sportfishing). It was on September 8, 1963 and I caught 4 kelp bass, 2 yellowtail, 2 bonito and 1 barracuda. A few years later I went on the Seabiscuit again, May 30, 1966, and I caught another yellowtail (seen below). That day I caught 22 kelp bass, 1 bonito and 1 yellowtail. It was one of my favorite boats but it didn't seem like they ran it very much ( or maybe it was mainly used for day trips, which I couldn't afford). Both of my trips were 1/2 day trips that ran out to La Jolla. Good to see the boat is still in service. Looks like you had a good time and got some nice variety. KJ_yellowtail_1966.JPG
Very nice day on the pond Ego. Thanks for sharing the adventure. It brings back good memories of fishing the So Cal salt with my Pops. Caught a bunch of whitefish and sheephead from the Channel Islands back in the day, but never made it out to Santa Rosa! Very cool!