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Ken Jones

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I had dinner last night with the PFIC Webmaster Rich Reano. We discussed several things about the board. One item was the two previous message boards. The first message board was developed by Rich and hosted by Rich; it ran from about 1999 to 2006. Some people preferred an updated format so a new message board (a commonly used message board format not written by Rich) was started in 2006 and used until last year. It too was hosted on Rich’s server. It looks like we can connect to each of the old boards although no new messages could be entered. They would provide one more source of information for anglers. A second option is somewhat different. I saved many of what I felt were the best threads on piers, techniques for certain fish, etc. I have considered making a new forum that would show those various threads and to which people could actually add new information. The threads would be similar to what you see on the cooking forum for various fish. The only problem is that the majority of the threads were from the original message board (which contained some of the most interesting threads). I guess a third option would be to have connections to the old boards and an Archived Message Board Thread Forum — but that might be overkill.
I too learned a lot from both previous iterations of the message board. There was a lot of gold hidden in there, and while I think having someone select, edit, and re-present some of the very best content would be great, I used to be able learn a lot by searching google for a specific keyword restricted to pierfishing.com.

Ken, thank you for publishing your book and for all the hard work you've put into this site. For every one of us that comes out and thanks you, a hundred others have probably benefitted but never taken the time to say anything. We're all very lucky to have this resource.
Ability to search & view the old message boards would be quite helpful, even if they are simply read-only. Thanks for doing this, Ken (and Rich).
Agreed. Even if it's read only, the info that exists in the original message board is priceless.

IMO the old archives should be made available for read only like they were on the previous format. Solid gold in there.

I miss reading the archived posts from the OG rock slayers like surf samurai, Jun, rockhopper etc.
Thanks for the props!