Oceanside Pier, 5/29/2022


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Good to see some bait back in SoCal. I remember not too long ago I had the same problem with way too many sardines, after a point I just started releasing them because I got sick of cleaning and/or salting and vacuum sealing them.
Chilly in the morning. Decent bite on sabiki all day long. Goodly number of small jack mackerel with a smattering of smelt. The
sardine bite was great though. After cleaning I wound up with roughly 3lbs of them. Now to just figure out how to cook them!
To cook the sardines, remove the head and organs, and scale the fish. You can then either fry it, bake it, or grill it!


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I scaled, beheaded, and gutted them. Will fry some, and thinking of grilling some over charcoals. All frozen now though.