Ocean Beach Pier to remain closed...

Ken Jones

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at this time. Given that the pier has received winter damage four of the past five years, the city is hesitant to make the repairs needed to open the pier at this time given the possibility of new damage in a few months.

I disagree and imagine the decision could kill the businesses on the pier but also understand the city's hesitancy to spend additional money on repairs that may be short lived. Not sure as to best response from anglers, i.e., whom to contact with concerns.
I don't buy their supposed reasoning either. Knowing how aggressive the city has been with dealing with the homeless and RV dwellers I think that has something to do with it. They repainted the lots at shelter island and don't allow RVs anymore. They put up barriers that stop driving out on the jetty at hospitality point. RVs were congregating out there and taking up all the parking.


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With how litigious people are now I completely understand the city not wanting to risk the least possible PERCEIVED liability exposure.
Even if it's not their fault there are plenty of lawyers who would take on the case with the off chance of a big payday from the city.