No one fishing?


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Trying to work up the courage to make the 27 mile trek to Balboa…been contemplating for days now…Monday is my only day off 😒. I was supposed to be out of the house by 4:30am…procrastination and busy work, one thing leads to another, and now its nearly 10am. Hopefully i have a non skunk report later today. 🤞

Red Fish

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With the rain 🌧, no Ken. Lol, people are telling me with that bad flu you had, you don’t need to be going out in the rain.
This is that transitional period to winter where things are changing. In SF Bay, people are going sturgeon, perch, trout. Striped bass if you push San Pablo Bay, Carquinez Straits, San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers.
A lot of crabbers for people who do that. Most sharks/rays have pushed out to the channels and beyond. And, if you do want to challenge the cold, there could be some 7 gill or migratory spiny dog fish if you can keep your bait away from crabs that are ever presen.