Newport Beach pier 9/29

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Took the bus from UC riverside to Newport Beach. 5:30 am to 9:30 am. Headed on to the pier and by the time I was done rigging, the tide was falling. Fished until 5 o’clock and caught nothing but a few small smelt and a small jack mackerel. Lots of tiny smelt around. People said that they had very little mackerel in the morning, and it seemed the bite started after I finished packing up. Saw a striper in someone’s bucket. Saw a really short halibut in someone else’s bucket, but I couldn’t really do much about it because it was already dead at that time. Plenty of people with snagging rigs in the surf and plenty of surfers too. Also saw a decent bat ray pulled up on a chunk of mackerel. Really slow, but then again I was fishing the wrong tides.


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I was there also from about 7am til about 1pm. Mackerels were hitting a bit slow in the morning, they would take every small smelt i slid out, pretty good sized macs, prob around 12”-15”. Then after 10am, not much was biting. Did see a few very small bonito chasing bait, 3 or 4 chases and thats it, they didnt want my bait, but i did get them to chase my krocodile to the surface then turn away like they have been recently. Mackerels were also hitting some peoples chunked bait hooks, they only wanted to bite big chunks and big hooks for some reason. Smelt stole all the small chunkers.
I did see snookie hook a nice halibut, but it was just shy of legal. Still very nice catch, a very skilled angler she is!


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Rusty, were you at Balboa? That's where Snookie fishes.
Yes I was, I happened to get there right when she hooked up, it was pretty exciting to see that halibut!
I try to go to the pier every Sunday, but when I have time; wish i could go everyday!

Oops! Haha i just noticed the thread title was Newport and not Balboa. Im clearly not good at reading lol
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