New Pier article — Sycamore Cove Pier


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That article does bring back memories for me. My dad use to take us there in the 50's - 60's. We used to catch a lot of barred perch on the rocks just north of the beach. My brother and I still go there occasionally just to re!ax and reminise about the old days.


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Thanks Ken for taking the time to write all of these for everyone, especially those of us too young to have seen such remarkable places. I was born in the 70’s so i missed alot of this type of great stuff, but i feel like i was lucky enough to see some of the stuff up until the 80’s, like the fishing barges. These piers in our great state of California are true gems that no one else anywhere has. Its too bad most travellers coming to Ca think more about places like Disneyland than the beauty of our beaches.