Need help with Shelter Island Kid's Derby. Thanks.


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On Saturday August 10, at the San Diego Shelter Island, will be the annual Kid’s derby.

I will be there to help and asking anybody who can come and help.

It is from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

I handle the bait provided to the kids. I need help to prepare bait bags before the start of the derby 8:30 AM. We get frozen bait and make small bags to give to the participants. We make about 200 bags.

Once the bait bags are made and given away, we help with judging and scoring the cards for the kids.

We also put out chum every so often to attract fish.

Lunch and soft drinks will be provided to kids and volunteers.

It is well worth cause to get the kids fishing.

Post here if you can come and help. Your kids are welcome too. It is free to all under 16 years old kids.

Here is a link of last year’s event.

Hope we have some volunteers this year too.


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Below are some answers to some questions that was asked by a volunteer on another website. It may help answer questions here too.

Thank you for your offer.

The event is organized by SD Fishing Council. They have it all setup. I am there to help.

Our first task would be to make bait bags. After the derby stars, we handout to the kids. After that one person will stay at “bait station” while others help with judging (making sure rules are followed) and scoring the cards. We also help with rigs if asked.

You do not need to bring anything, but some personal items if you wish.

Here is a short list:

A camping chair---line cutter---pen---wide brim hat—sunglasses---food only if you have special diet.

Delicious fish tacos, soft drinks, chips and candy will be provided for kids and volunteers.

I caution you though---Once you do it, you may become addicted. I think this would be my 10th or so.

I will have an “Easy up” set up at the cutting board close to foot of the pier.

All are welcome to join us. Nothing needed to sign up for the derby as long as age requirement are met.

Parents can help young angler with every aspect, except reeling in the fish. No one goes home empty handed.


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I will pick you up at midnight for carpooling. I will call you, when I am in front of your house.

We will be given colored vests for ID, but if you can make some like 15-20 without name (to be written by wearer), it would be great.