Mystery pier in Antioch


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Wow. The satellite view and street-views look like completely different places. How out of date is the satellite view on this? Or is the
street view the old one?


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If that's the case then that area looks like it has gone completely to crap since the street view image was last updated...

Although on 2nd look it just looks like some MAJOR construction is going on. The entire boat-ramp looks like it has been dug out,
and some kind of major facilities are being built?

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  • Okay, the reference pictures on the street view map are incorrect. If you notice, there are about (3) places they are saying are the Antioch Pier and they show the same picture (which is the G Street (downtown pier). There is also the "Humphrey's Pier" on L Street (where the Antioch Marina is and a public launch)
  • What you have pictured is the Fulton Shipyard public free boat launch area. I have "fished" there with Big Rich and Bob Griffin. Fished in that is a boat launch and mostly it was a place to obtain mudsuckers at the right time of year straight down off the rail where you see the cars parked in the front of the picture. The area is sketchy (meaning somewhat unsafe as is the G Street Pier). Big Rich caught a small keeper striped bass there once casting right in front of where the truck is parked with a 2-ounce weight and pileworms. Mostly, it was a place for Rich to pull up and smoke cigarettes as there were 4 small tables in front of the 8 parking spots there. The place is snaggy everywhere around except straight down. The "pier" on the left isn't a pier, it is a walkway to that equipment/storage shed at the end of it. The left side (opposite the ramp) is full of snags and when the water is moving in the opposite direction, your line will get dragged across and snagged to the right, as the water is swift (just like other delta areas) as soon as you get past where that equipment shed is.
  • If you want to smoke some cigarettes around a sketchy area, this is your place. Rich and I didn't really mind as no one really wanted any part of Rich. It is just a stop-over as people in the area fish Oakley Pier just south of Fulton's Shipyard. There is some kind of biker bar just behind the ramp and a railroad museum and VFW center on your way in. Bob Griffin would NOT launch his boat there (when he had it) because the area was so sketchy. You see the painted-over graffiti on those storage wall areas on the right.
  • If they put some money into it, they could build it into something special. They would have to remove things from the water to make it fishable from land as it is as bad as the Pittsburg Pier on Railroad next to the public launch as far as snags (a waste of time).
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"If you want to smoke some cigarettes around a sketchy area, this is your place. "

Thanks for providing some livid detail, Robert. I was misguided by the Google Maps tag, as you pointed out.