Moss Landing Pier aka Sandholdt Pier — Gone But Not Forgotten


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So sad to hear about the piers that are no longer here.

I use to fish the navy piers here in San Diego, when I was a kid. Many of them no longer exist. Piers had come and gone even before I’d come on the scene. What ever species you were targeting (besides Mackerel) depended on what pier you were fishing.

Ken Jones

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I've always wanted to fish the Navy pier at North Island but lacking a military card can't get on the base. I've even considered writing a note to the base commander pleading my case of trying to fish every pier in California.


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Actually, you should try to write the base commander. I’ve always wondered how people have family parties in the base.

I’ve heard that people still fish the piers in North Island, mainly for lobsters and halibut. Lots of spotted bay bass. You can get large opal eye and blue perch with ghost shrimp. The shallow clear water bay corbina are almost impossible to catch. They will ignore a ghost shrimp floating in the current. Don’t know which piers are still open to fish nowadays. In the late 70s you could still fish the break water but the Navy shut that down because if an accidental death.

If you get lucky, try to get permission to fish ballast point on the bay side of Point Loma. It was once closed to fishing but I hear it’s open to fishing again.