Marina Del Rey Sportfishing Dock is Open

I was looking at party boat rates and noticed that Marina Del Rey Sportfishing allows fishing off their dock again. Ever since Davey's Locker shut down their dock for fishing I've been looking for another dock with live bait, so this might be useful to somebody else too. Not sure how much they charge, website didn't say. Hours are 6AM to 4PM. One of these days I'm gonna make a solo trip over there and give it a shot, I'll let y'all know how it goes.

More info partway down this page

I'm gonna give them a call tomorrow and inquire about rates.


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In the past, they charged (if memory serves) $15.00 for three hours unlimited live bait.

However, on weekends due to boat traffic, you can only fish from the sides.
No casting toward the channel since boats are coming in for bait pick up.

This all may have changed as everything else due to current unusual circumstances.

Would like very much to know your findings.

Ken Jones

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I actually drove down there with Hashem in March of 2020 after we went to the Fred Hall Show (just before things shut down). I had always heard about the spot but never visited or fished it. Supposedly it was a good spot for halibut and barracuda. No one was fishing but we talked to a deckhand on a partyboat that had been out that day. The bottom fishing had just opened up and they had done really well. The dock looked like a spot to fish as long as you stayed out of the way of the boaters and though I wrote down the information, I can't find it. It's not a pier but may offer up some good fishing depending upon the crowding given that the actual area to fish is fairly small.
Per the gentleman on the phone it's $10 for 3 hours, with live bait. Not going to be a high priority spot for me but if I'm in the area I might burn a few hours trying it out.