Location 17 Sturgeon Today

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-Still good tides. A PFICer, Alex Poon wanted to fish today after he saw the success I had two days ago.

-We fished 2:30-5:30p.
The striper I hooked on his rod and handed it to him to reel in . The 41” sturgeon came on my same rod as before with the 525. Tag002 burnt.

-Eel/herring-striper/ Sturgeon-straight eel threaded on AE31D80F-8098-423C-BF21-31316816668E.jpeg 5FA28AF9-4216-4119-AF7B-4A89353C4C75.jpeg
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That is fantastic! Congrats to you on your outstanding week. I can tell by your history that this is no "good luck" story. Very impressive fishing. Two tags from the bank in one week is good stuff. Im in the 200+ hour club and no used tags for me. Maybe I should fish more in area 17.....
Thanks for the report