Live bait bucket the easy way to retrieve a piece of live bait

So you have a cast net and can catch shiners smelt and anchovies ect you put them in your bucket and lower it to the water, So now you want to pull your bucket out of the water and re bait your rig 3 gallons of water is almost 30 lbs 5 gallons is even more then you have to use a net or your hand to catch your replacement. Here is my bait bucket a very old no longer with us fisherman showed me. When I pull my bucket up all the water drains out and your bait is sitting on the bottom grab a fresh piece of bait and toss your bucket back into the water 20200730_214025.jpg 20200730_214033.jpg 20200730_214020.jpg
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I hate to 1-up you, but I'm going to. Maybe 500-up you if you count the number of holes? My bucket works great for shiners and smelt, but not so much for anchovies. Anchovies will survive this, but barely. If I am not planning on carrying bait to a different location to fish, this is my goto setup.





The bottom is not drilled and the bottom 3" of the bucket is not drilled. The reason for this is because when I pull the bucket up I want the bait to be in water and not struggling for air and thrashing all about. I normally have another bucket full of water available so that I can easily drop the bucket with holes into it so that the bait have even more water to swim in. The reason why I have a 5 lb. donut weight in there is because I want the bucket in the middle of the water column and not floating at the surface. Don't drop the bucket all the way to the bottom because the mud seems to choke out the bait. Those are 1/4" holes, by the way.
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Nice work guys! I always just use a bucket (with no holes), battery powered bubbler, aquarium net. I dont leave my bucket in the water, the sea lions are too smart around here.