Late Report - Hermosa 9/13

Since the lock down eased up, I made a point of limiting my fishing to the beach or jetties early in the mornings to avoid the crowds. But in that time I've come to one inescapable conclusion: I hate sand and my knees can't take the pounding from jetty hopping. So it's back to the gal who brought me to the dance - Hermosa Pier.

Got there at 7ish on Sunday morning. The tide was coming in, plenty of bait fish, moderate swell and the water temp was holding in the mid-sixties - ideal conditions, basically. It was going to be a short trip because I had things to do later in the day, so I went with 1 rod and a pier net. My plan was to drop shot around the pilings and work my way up and down the pier. I was maybe 30 yards past first set of breakers and I cast under the pier. I let the bait sit there and do it's thing until I couldn't stand it and gave the rod a twitch and a turn of the reel. I felt a dull, heavy weight, like when you hook into a big stringer of kelp. I gave it a steady pull and up popped a nice halibut. To be honest, the fish barely fought at all. A couple of fellas fishing next to me were kind enough to net the beast. It taped out at 24 inches on the dot. I packed up not long after as the my time on the meter was running out. Got home and trimmed him out and made ceviche, sashimi and tacos. Yum!

Felt good to be back on the pier. When it comes to fishing, I think this pier will always be my first love. Tight lines and stay safe, all.