(Late report) Avalon 9/18-19


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Last minute trip before shipping off to college.

I missed the 6 am ferry on Wednesday, and the next boat wasn't leaving until 9:50. I decided to wait at the terminal, and as I was waiting, I walked around the general harbor area. I saw some boils in the harbor, and a fresh dead baby white seabass in the rocks. Once I got to the island, I went straight for the GPP, as my hotel check in time was 2 pm. Conditions looked good, as there was a lot of perfect bait-sized smelt in the water. I fished a float rig on one rod and a live smelt on the other. I got a lot of short strikes on the smelt (probably small calico), an octopus and innumerable shorts on the float rig, with a couple opaleye mixed in. After checking into my hotel room, I walked over to Pebbly Beach. I fished chunks of mackerel on fishfinder rigs, and, around 2:30, had some action. I had two screaming runs that busted me off in the rocks, and was able to land one decent sized leopard. I also caught a largemouth blenny on a dropper loop with squid. At around 5 pm, I walked back to the GPP. I fished a 3-way rig with squid on one outfit and a float rig on the other. I caught mostly short calico, but had three serious runs on the big rod, all of which busted me off in the moorings. I managed to land a smallish shovelnose and one of the largest horn sharks I have ever seen. I called it quits at around 9:30 and went back to my hotel room.

The next morning, I got up at 7 am and began fishing the GPP. Again, I was plagued by short calico, but managed to scrape out a few opaleye. At around 11 pm, I made the walk to Pebbly beach. I fished the same rigs as yesterday but had no love. I took the 3:50 boat home.

Lots of pictures incoming:
apparently the construction workers have been doing well on the bonito, barracuda, and even yellowtail in their spare time
I wear 11 1/2 shoes


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Oooh. Not much saltwater angling near Davis but plenty of freshwater places. You will have to make the trek to Benecia or Richmond/Berkeley/Oakland to fish the salt.

Dont worry! We’ll catch your fish for you until you come back south!
I went to college in the bay area 19 years ago and couldnt wait to get back down here and fish the islands again! I never had much time to fish when i was up there.


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May I ask at which hotel did you stay and the rate including tax (out the door)?
If not Hermosa Hotel, how was their acceptance of fishing gear in the room?

I just found out a bad news with regards to my ticket booklet for Catalina Express. It expired on 8/22. Two round trips and two Commodore vouchers un-used. Looking into what I can do.


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I stayed at the Catalina Island Inn. I don’t recall the exact rate, I think it was around $80. However I had stayed in a room with two beds as that was the only one available at the time. They didn’t pay much mind to my gear.


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With the new owns for Hermosa Hotel, Not sure if they would extend the same loyalty rates to our group.

$80.00 seems very reasonable. I paid $406.00 for three nights.

If I remember, there is long stair right after the door. Very hard for carts.