Kochi-Japan - 20220603-20220605


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Congratulations on your trip, Ninja. I have been to Kochi a few times for my work at the Kochi Core Lab at the University. Kochi is a beautiful and peaceful Prefecture, and I visited many great tackle shops there on my visit. I was able to visit some of the great trout fishing available there, and I ate all kinds of great seafood on my visits. I was not able to fish the ocean, so I am very jealous of your fishing success and the beautiful variety of fish you caught. Thank you for sharing your experience.
Also, a quick shout out to Ego and Makairra for their outstanding knowledge of fish I.D. Only one other guy knew as much. He was running around the world racking up numbers of species he caught. His name is escaping me at the moment, but you would enjoy his posts on the old board..
Wonderful to know that there is another Kochi lover in this forum, Scaryfish. I was staying at Nankoku so did see the lab building (but no visit there as I have no business there). I am actually an avid trout angler myself so I feel envious back to you on your visit to trout stream which I could not do yet. I have a good angling friend there so I often visit when I go back to Japan. I am looking forward to do some more ocean fishing and perhaps some trout fishing in future. Do let me know when you (and Mahigeer) figure out who is the other fish lover in the old board. FN