King Harbor Breakwall

I plan on fishing the King Harbor breakwall in Redondo Beach tomorrow. Does anyone who has been there have any pointers? I usually fish piers and this will be my first time to fish the harbor breakwall.


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Was this at other fishing website? If so, look for my respond.

In short, it is not easy to walk on the rocks, so be very careful.


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Stay in the shallows for bass, i like hanging out right on the inside corner where there is a low pressure swirl, with current moving around it. Usually they hang out in those areas waiting for a snipe. Some good size bass last time i was out there thanksgiving weekend
Thank you to everyone for the the suggestions. I ended up not catching anything after several hours of fishing so I moved to the Hermosa Beach Pier where small mackerel were biting. Maybe next time I will so better on the breakwall.