Isn't anyone fishing?


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Too much work…no money…Christmas gifts to buy still. Missed out on all the great black friday and xmas fishing deals. ☹️
I just tell myself there’s no fish out there anyway😄
Yes, I have been fishing. It has been COLD and the fish don't like it either. Have gotten some bait. With it that cold the bait and the fish like the surf area because when the sun comes out it warms the shallow surf water sooner than the rest of the water. That doesn't mean the fish are going to strike, so yes, it was slow this week and last week.

Same thing down here in San Diego...slow fishing and COLD. I went to Shelter Island a couple times this month and skunked on both trips. I had some quality bait too. Looks like we have some warmer weather this week. Hope to post a report with some results...