Home Made Lures...............Post Your Completed Projects Here

I haven’t done any recently. I have nothing as nice as that. My good ones are already beat an battle scarred.


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I will eventually get a mold for 2 & 3oz flutter lures and one for casting spoons......will have more lure pics this weekend


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GRRRRRRR.......I use an ANCIENT Digital Camera and the files sizes are STILL WAY TO LARGE........WHAT THE HECK......We need to fix this.....Its the 21 Century After All.......

PICT0025.jpg PICT0025.jpg PICT0026.jpg PICT0027.jpg PICT0028.jpg PICT0029.jpg PICT0030.jpg PICT0031.jpg PICT0032.jpg PICT0033.jpg

I wanted to post the images as large as possible so the imperfections and room for improvement can be seen....... These are 1oz and 3/4oz Lures....So far I am using sz 2 treble hooks for the 1oz lures and sz 4 treble hooks for the 3/4oz lures........
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I used to have the same issue until I thin the glue. After I applied the glue, I let it dried out for about 2 minutes or so before I slab them together. Obviously, you can't thin the glue if it's from a spray can. Just be easy on the glue. Spray both the lure and the foil and let it dry for 2 minutes or so, then slab them together. I'm getting 99% success rate this way with the heat transfer foil that I have. Good luck with yours. The most important part is to let the glue dry thoroughly. It should be tacky and not runny to the touch.