I need to hit a couple of spawns this year BADLY......Damn near out of bait and I want an excuse to get a smoker

I have 2 big coolers, a cast net, and a vacuum sealer and I am not afraid to use them
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Ken Jones

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The site was developed to help anglers become better anglers. Part of that was to be a place where the community of pier rats could come together and share techniques, experiences and yes, fishing recommendations (including sites). But things HAVE changed in the past 21 years both in regard to numbers and, I think, in the way many anglers abuse our fishing environments. So, I understand the hesitancy to share ste information. Nevertheless, I also feel the number of lurkers (and their impact) may be over rated given the number of people we have registered on the new board. Many sites, many sources, many, many cell phones (and one call often leads to many) but it can be a problem.