Hermosa Pier 9/16 & 9/23

Just a quick report of my last two outings:

9/16 - Set up mid-pier as usual and got to work trying to get bait. The sardines are mostly a no-show these days, not sure why. Luckily, one can still scrounge up a few smelt here and there. I managed to get 3 or 4, pinned them on to my bigger rods and played the waiting game. And waited, and waited. I was bored so took a a little stroll up and down the pier. Some people toward the end were landing some nice sargo. And of course, there was some mackerel for the folks armed with sabikis. Around 3:30 (which I think was peak high tide), I finally got a hit. Happy to see it was a critter of the right kind - halibut. It taped out right at 22". Normally, I let these go, but I had dinner on my mind, and he was destined to come home with me. And that was all the action for me that day.

9/23 - Same drill as the previous Sunday. I managed to get smelt right away, which for me isn't always the case. And unlike the previous outing, I got a hit on my bigger rod in pretty short order. A nice fatty 'but which taped out at 20". This was all a pleasant surprise, as the tide was going out, and the bite tends to taper off during this time. Anyway, I thanked the fish for the tussle and sent him on his way. And that was it for me. One of the regulars hooked and landed a shovelnose, and the biggest calico bass that I've seen in many a moon. Just eyeballing it, I'd say the fish was close to 20". Wish I had gotten a picture of it, but thems are the breaks.

Anyway, it was another lovely day on the pier. Glad to be back out there.

Tight lines to all.