Hermosa 10/17 & 10/18

Hit the pier over the weekend on both days.

Got there early in the morn on Saturday and set up around mid-way. The water temp was low 70's, the tide was coming in, conditions looked right, except live bait was hard to come by. The sardines would show up sporadically, but just enough to keep things interesting. I caught a few and pinned them on to my live bait rods and began the waiting game. I had a hit in pretty short order which turned out to be a cormorant. He was unhooked and sent safely on his way. And that was about it. The meter was running out so I started packing up my gear. As I reeled in my last rod, up popped a halibut. Guess he took the bait and just sat on it. I had no idea he was there, and that does happen at times with halibut. He taped out a shade over 22 inches, and he came home with me for dinner.

Hit the pier on Sunday once more trying to see if I could get lucky again. This day played out like the day prior except I got skunked. There was a massive bull sea lion that was cruising up and down the pier and the bite shut down. The one hit I did get on the live bait rod I totally botched - didn't let the hali chew on the bait long enough and thus pulled the hook. It happens. It was a lovely day to be on the water nevertheless.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend on the water.