Happy Pi Day

Little or no wind today at Point Richmond. Slow moving outgoing tide after a sluggish incoming. I threw the cast net, jigged the sabiki, bobbered the smelt rig with fresh picked pile worms--and got completely shut out. Luckily for me an old fishing colleague was at hand. We have known each other and fished together for decades. He caught some bait and I took advantage of his kindness. And his net skills! My arm strength at present is not up to the unassisted hoist of a crab ring. At least, this time I was not confident. This fish was energetic and made almost a dozen runs. It's true my drag was not very tight; but I was using 10# mono that should have been changed weeks ago. (Just the abrasion of daily soaking in the brackish bay will pit and peel the line.) Rather than snap the line I played the fish because I had the room. And more importantly the desire. I love a good fight and this lady gave me all of that. She seemed pretty fresh--still had sea lice--and her ovaries were bare. BTW, not twenty feet away, about 15 minutes before I got my fish , a man caught an identical sized hali on frozen anchovy.

25” Right-Eyed Halibut
Ugly Stik BWS 1100 2 pc 7’
Okuma Avenger 2500
CXX 10# mono line
Sliding bait rig with 2oz ball and size 1 Owner SSW
Live 8” jack smelt hooked through the upper jaw

Monday 2022-03-14
Sunrise 7:21 PDT, Sunset 19:15 PDT
Moonset 5:46 PDT, Moonrise 15:40 PDT
Low Tide: 4:23 PDT 2.8
High Tide: 9:51 PDT 5.6
Low Tide: 16:59 PDT 0.0
High Tide: 23:55 PDT 4.9
Slack Water: 0:13 PDT 0.0
Max Ebb: 2:46 PDT -0.5
Slack Water: 5:51 PDT -0.0
Max Flood: 8:34 PDT 0.7
Slack Water: 11:20 PDT 0.0
Max Ebb: 14:42 PDT -1.2
Slack Water: 18:34 PDT -0.0

Max Flood: 21:37 PDT 1.0