Going to San Simeon


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Will be in San Simeon from Sunday through Friday. Driving in on Sunday, leaving some time on Friday. Anyone who is in the area
or will be in the area feel like meeting up to fish or anything? It's vacation and I'm bringing most of my gear and maybe some
freediving gear too although it will be my first attempt at spearfishing if I do... On google maps it looks like the Motel 6 I booked
is actually midway between San Simeon and Cambria... So Pismo is within driving range to the south, but it doesn't look like there
is much to the north...

Ken Jones

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Lots of rocky spots to fish along that stretch of coast.

San Simeon Pier can be hit or miss, when good there's lots of perch and sometimes the sardine/mackerel/jacksmelt trio (pretty much on Sabikis) can be amazing. When slow it can be dead.

I always like to fish the rocks by the south Morro Bay T-Pier.

The Cayucos Pier can also be hit or miss but the nightime action on sharks can be strong.

Pismo is another hit or miss pier and again nighttime action on sharks can be strong.
FYI the parking lot at the pier opens at 8 am even though online it says sunrise to sunset. Some easy beach access spots are at Pico Ave or where Vista Del Mar turns to Balboa Ave theres a trail down to the beach, Right across from motel 6. The area is in the Cambria SMCA but it is a recreational take MPA so fishing is allowed. Pro tip if you plan on going to Hearst Castle, just get your tickets there. They charge more to reserve tickets ahead and the tours do not get filled up, especially during the week.
P.S as of right now campsites are available at the washburn campground for $20 a night if you wanna save dough. You'll have to get creative and move sites though each day. You can shower at the Creek Campground sites even though they say Washburn campers aren't allowed to. No one enforces it.
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Motel 6 wasn't that expensive and I have too much gear to have to move around every day... having to bring camping gear would just make it even more difficult :) Thanks for the tip though!