Ft baker Jetty 2/11


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Found myself yearning to poke around the rocks again so I decided to make a trip of it since I was in town anyways for other family obligations. Got out there with the kids around 1pm and starting poking around the inside of harbor. Used a 6ft garden stake with another 14" of hanger on it. used small strips of squid on a size 2 hook. Kids had a blast as I cautiously helped them maneuver around the still slippy rocks. They got their first MFEs, a few SBRF and two more small cabezon to boot! There were a sizeable population of rock crab making their rounds and the kids were eager to feed them squid too. They had a blast and are already bugging me to go again. Good times and great memories at a place that has already given me so much in the past.

The super low tide was not as conductive for the areas we were poking around. Many of the holes that I know hold fish at higher water were dry. We also didn't poke around the outside of the jetty as much since they were using shorter sticks. Maybe when they get older we'll venture the other side in hopes of different fish. Last note: need to shorten my wires. The kids lost a few fish due to the longer wire being much more "forgiving" for fish than it is for an angler...probably going to shorten to about 6" instead.


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Taking the kids poking. Outstanding. Thinking about kids pulling up a wiggly prickleback for the first time just gave me my first real smile of the day!!
To your comment, super low tides do trap creatures into some holes, but I have found that at higher/intermediate tides, sometimes you get some nice fish exploring the holes for food, and mfe's on the prowl as well.
Thank for the report.