Flash 11/San Francisco Bay 10/11

Red Fish

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Had a great day fishing the SF Bay near TI, Alcatraz, and Red Rock. Comp trip with Cpt. Melynda on Flash 2 out of Hyde Street Wharf Sunday, 10/11. Thanks to old PFIC (Pier Fishing in Ca) member Patrick Avellino/Cpt. Steve Talmedge/owner of Flash Fishing for making this trip happen for my volunteer work with the kids in the annual Diamond Classic C&R tournament out of Martinez Harbor! Also, thanks to
Hans Jones
for helping me select a new Phenix 807 rod that I picked up the day before which I simply love and banged the fish on. Live bait drifting live anchovies with sliding rigs and basically 4 ounce torpedo weights (except at Alcatraz where you need about a pound for the swift drift). One ghost (white sea bass) caught by Doug Shigematsu whose son is holding it up in the photo. IMG_0290.jpg 2fsih.JPG F2.JPG
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