Fished San Clemente Pier

Just got back from a week at San Clemente. Fished the pier M-Sat. Met some friendly people and learned a bit more each day. Caught a variety of fish. Different types of croakers, some kind of smelt, mackerel, and a few fish I'm not sure about. Bottom line caught fish every day, mostly smallish, but each day caught a few that made you want to try again the next day. Saturday it did get crowded, but I cleared out before it got bad. Thank you for providing this site where so much information is available, and thank you to all of you who offered me advice leading up to my trip. Can't wait till my next adventure. Until then I'll be a regular reader right here.


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Thanks for the report.

Perhaps next time we can meet and fish that pier.

I like that town, especially the restaurant at the foot of the pier.


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"...each day caught a few that made you want to try again the next day." And another "Pier Rat" is born!
Welcome to the fold! Pier/surf fishing is a healthy addiction. The sheer variety combined with a chance to hook into a personal best fish - or the fish of a lifetime- is possible on any cast is what makes us all come back to "try again." Thanks for the report