First yellowtail...keeping it in the family

Ken Jones

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My first yellowtail. I caught it on the Sea Biscuit out of Islandia Sportfishing in Mission Bay in May 1966.
A yellowtail being held up by my young son Mike. I caught it on the Malihini out of H&M Sportfishing in San Diego in June 1976 and it was just big enough to win the jackpot. I used the money to buy a new rod and reel to catch stripers in San Francisco Bay.


My son Mike's first yellowtail. He caught it on the New Seaforth out of Mission Bay in August 1984. Not a bad-sized bonito either.


Ken Jones

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Turned into a good looking man. Not sure where he got his six-foot height, it certainly wasn't from my side of the family.


Mike with a yellowfin croaker at the Ocean Beach Pier, and granddaughter Serena.​


Mike, Serena (center) and Daphne (left) at Serena's graduation in 2018.​

Ken Jones

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Son Mike and some fish over the years:
Mike with a couple of striped bass

Mike with a couple of Santa Barbara rockfish


A few fish from the Pacifica Pier back in the '70s
Mike, daughter Kim and a walleye at the Fort Baker Pier


Mike and a rainbow seaperch at Fort Baker


Mike and a redtail surfperch from up north of Trinidad


Mike and a San Francisco Bay striper


Mike and a friend with some Fort Bragg rockfish; me with some lings.

Mike_Chris_Pt. Arena_2.jpg

Mike and our foreign exchange son Chris Mike and a string of fish from the rocks at Point Arena
Great pictures, Ken. The smile on everyone's faces is what fishing is all about. Great times. Great memories. Irreplaceable. I wouldn't trade it for a billion dollars.
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Ken Jones

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Just wish I had more pictures fishing with Mike and Kim. When they were young I was working in the corporate world and working 50-70 hours a week. Though I spent time with the family, I wish I had spent much more time. You can't go back but I wish I could.


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Thanks, Mr. ken, for sharing this trip down memory lane. Your photographs are a joy to behold. I agree with billzerkeley: you have captured the essence of family fishing traditions beautifully.