Etiquette on piers

Ken Jones

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I was watching a YouTube story about etiquette on Sportfishing boats.

Is there a certain etiquette that should be followed on piers?
If the pier is not crowded and plenty of fishing spots are available, do not set up or start casting around someone's line that's already there. If it's crowded, split the distance between people. Personally I just leave and go somewhere else in that situation.

Ken Jones

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If parents fail to bring up their children with basic values of courtesy and compassion, there is little or no hope these offspring can be enlightened as adults. In other words, it is simply too late. This leaves it up to the rest of us. We cannot educate others on manners but we can make sure that we are not part of the problem.
I mostly agree although I've always thought it a three-pronged problem and our job was (1) to study and learn as much about angling (and ethical angling) as possible, (2) to practice and observe what we learned and (3) to at least try to teach what we have learned. The percentage that listen and learn may be low but some will be reached and they in turn may teach others.
I would suggest:
1) Keep the noise down to reasonable outdoor voices but no yelling/shouting (unless you caught something :)) and no blaring music
2) Try to clean up at least one more piece of trash then you produced before you leave your fishing spot
3) This one is hard for some.....keep swearing out of earshot of children


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Some piers, like Pacifica, and my understanding some in SoCal, people are flat out NOT WELCOME fishing near the regulars. Bad enough to where it is dangerous and or criminal.
I can deal with crossed lines, boom boxes and even understand trash in a public place. Poaching frustrates me second the most, but turning public fishing places into territorial rights by force is the worst. JMO