Easing Off On Covid-19

Face mask are required. Went out early this morning, try to beat the early crowd for a limited parking space to the beach, managed to do so, as the day goes by i was only able to hook and land perchs. i saw a few striper were caught by someother anglers. as the tide slowly recede, the trough in front of me were noticeable, it created like a funnel shape in the wave. i casted right into it waited for a few minute later, The rod tip bend double over and i knew it wasn't a perch. look to see any seals around because there were a few roaming around earlier. The coast was clear. somehow the fish and i were playing tug of war with eachother. after a 5 minute battle, manage to land and seal the deal. about half an hour later, hook and land another smaller striper.:)

Location: Pacifica beaches
Tackle: 9' PHoenix Rod w/ shimano Curado
Leader: 20 lb pp tie FG Knot 20 fluor. leader