Dana Point Rollup Report

Hey all!

Been a couple of years since I've posted here, but I'm still down here in Dana Point fishing when I can.

I've been out on a lot of the boats primarily, both private and charter sport boats out of Dana Wharf. However, since this is a pier fishing website - I'll keep it to that. If you're looking to go out, I highly recommend the Sum Fun.

Dana Point Harbor Pier has been extremely slow other than smaller species including the rock wall. Lots of smaller species and the occasional halibut if you're lucky. The fishing is a lot better if you're able to get out on a Kayak near the bait barge away from the pier, as always. If you're going to fish the rocks, I would recommend trying to get out as far as possible and fish both the harbor side and the breakwater side. Lots of Halibut, keeper size or not, float right into the mouth there; if you're not familiar with the geography. The rocks could be a bit of a hike to get out to the right spot so I would prep for that.

San Clemente Pier, is slow as molasses as well. Hopefully this changes in the spring and into summer as usual. Nothing further to report here.

Picture from earlier this Rockfish season for fun.

PS, any anglers in the area - I'm about five minutes from the Harbor so if anyone wants to tag along to fish the pier and/or rockface - I'd love to meet up with some of y'all. If you see me out on any of the boats, feel free to say hello.





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I was there for a bit on Saturday at the peak high tide. Could see the garabaldi, and either opaleye or blacksmith swimming around near the rocks at the base of the pier but I didn't see a single fish brought in over the rail.