Crab pictures

Ken Jones

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Thanks for the pics, the top picture appears to be a brown rock crab and the bottom two appear to be red rock crabs.
I agree with Ken. The top one seems to be a brown, and the bottom one a red.
In any case, it's interesting how red is the brown. I have never seen it like that before. Was it already cooked?

SC McCarty

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Slightly off topic: The third picture in your yellow crab article appears to be a slender crab (white-tipped claws):

Also, you might want to mention, in your slender crab article, that almost all slender crabs are illegal to keep, since only males grow over the 4" limit, and they only make it to 4.5". I don't know if it was a fluke, but we caught a lot of them at Hueneme on Saturday.
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Ken Jones

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I think you are right (and I changed the page). Only Dungeness and slender crabs have white tipped claws and on closer exam that's the case here. Also, good note on the size.