Ken Jones

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1. Cool the girls team won.
2. Cool there is a high school fishing championship in Louisiana.
3. Cool that they're the first-all girls team to win a TBF (Bass Federation) event in the nation.

I remember when I was the president of our El Capitan High School Fishing Club, one that I had gotten started. I wonder how many schools today have fishing clubs/teams?


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Jealous of people that lived in a place where there was water :) Not much variety for fishing in the desert (especially if you are a teenager and do not drive yet!).

Ken Jones

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A nice-sized but frozen kelp bass that I caught on a fishing trip one day with my H.S. Fishing Club advisor, Mr. Noble. We were fishing in a small skiff in the La Jolla kelp beds and we weighed it and recorded a weight of 9 lbs. 2 oz. but it doesn't look that big. Maybe the weight was wrong but if so it was an honest mistake. Amazing how much younger I look.

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Cool story,when my daughter was in high school she and a friend started a fishing club,I helped out with surf fishing and pier fishing it was fun ,mostly kids that had never fished very nice seeing them catch fish for the first time smiles all around start them young. Thanks