Collapsible Pier Net (looking to buy or make)

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for a Frabill pop net, the kind you can twist in a smaller diameter. I’ve searched far and wide on the interwebs to no avail. Evidently, Frabill discontinued them some time ago so Im out of luck. Does anyone on the board have one gathering dust in the garage that they’re willing to part with for a fair price? Or failing that, ideas on how to construct one from scratch? Many thanks in advance. My apologies to the mods and Ken if this is the inappropriate forum to post.

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I have one, if I can find it. That is a big if. Need some time for it.

The problem with it was that the top ring is made of spring. Thus, it is not heavy to make the net sink below the water.
I had to put some sinkers in the bottom of the net to make it sink.

The other issue was that the top ring is housed in a tube. No matter how I tried to seal it, water still got inside the tube and rusted the ring.
The air in the tube also prevents the net from sinking.

If you have access to a dull bandsaw blade, you maybe able to make one, Need a tube and an old flat net.

Another idea that I had and worked fine for hoop nets to take to Catalina was;

Cut the top ring in half. Use connectors used for large electrical wires.
To reassemble the net.
Hey Hashem,

No worries, don't hurt yourself or put yourself out looking for it. But if you come across it, I'm calling dibs, lol. Since I would use it to land halibut, rather than lobster hooping, it only needs to sink a few inches. But I do see what you mean about how the materials it's made of makes buoyancy a problem.

I'll look into the link as well as the suggestions you made. When I was doing my research, I found that corset companies sell flexible hoops made of plastic, as well as springs. Interesting stuff.