Capitola skiff

Nice new website! Thanks Ken for the great work!

We (nacho and sea++) went on a skiff in Capitola last weekend, and had great time.

The bait is abundant. We caught bunch of brown rockfish, and hooked up two sharks (they all bit off the leader upon surfacing).

The most exciting highlight of the day was the monster brown rockfish my cousin caught: 18.5 inch and 4lb!

Note that we were just within 1 mile to the shore, so this was kind of unexpected catch for us.

Anyway, it is always good to be out there on/by the water :)


Red Fish

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Nice catch! Was wondering what type of sharks? There have been a few juvenile great white around that area lately.
I went on a skiff trip there two years ago. Seems that all the fish were hanging around the kelp.
We didn't have a chance to closely look at them as they broke off as soon as we saw them in the water. They were around 30 inch in length and white on the bottom. From your info, looks like it is possible to be juvenile great white -- that'll be so cool!

Ken Jones

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They were probably spiny dogfish sharks. That’s a big brown RF. But I’m not surprised it was ‘within 1 mile of shore’ because they’re usually in 20-60fow. Nice work and thanks for the report. Next time try to jig up some bait with sabiki and use it for halibut, or drag a whole frozen squid on the sandy bottom. Lots of halibut out there right now!
Hi uglystick,
Thanks for the report
Ken: There was also a lot of bait fish very, very close from the pier, casting distance from it. (Just in case this helps making this a pier report :) )