Cabrillo Pier

Fishman Fishman

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I'm thinking of going to Cabrillo pier. I've never fished there. Any tips or suggestions from fisherman familiar with the pier. How is parking and or cost? Thank you in advance.

Ken Jones

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Alex at the Rusty Hook, 245 N Gaffey St., San Pedro, usually knows what's going on alttough most of the guys he sees are regulars going for the halibut. (310) 832-2429


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It's been so long I fished there. Last time I was there was before pandemic. They closed off the pier during so I have not gone there for long time. If things stayed the same, plenty of parking spots with regular rate. Some kiosk was old and did not work well so I had to look for one that took my card. I fished the bay side (leftside goin in) for macs and hali, jetty side (rightside going in) can have more variety of fish like opaleyes/calico/blackperch etc but I have never really been too successful. Casting straight out from the end of the pier, there is perch/croaker holes you can try. I wish you a great outing FF!