Bullied At Belmont Pier?

Fishman Fishman

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Crazy morning of fishing on Wednesday at Belmont Pier. Fishing at southeast end of pier caught the usual white croaker, mackerel and a nice 20" shovelnose guitarfish (released). Myself and another fisherman just enjoying the quiet morning. Then came the big bad shark fishermen! Keep in mind the southwest end of the pier was empty. We were on the southeast side of the T. The west side - empty.

Sharker came with six rods. Five big rigs for shark. Smaller rod for jigging mackerel. He parked next to us and placed his five rods in between our rods.

The other fisherman packed up and moved. I watched this guy set up. I held my tongue and I even gave him a live mackerel for bait. I knew the quiet morning had ended. While the sharker smoked a joint. I packed up and moved to the southwest side.

At my new spot I caught a bucketful of mackerel and smelt. Caught and released two legal size sandbass ( 15 & 16 inches). I had fun!

I left around 12 noon. As I was leaving I glanced over at the sharker. He was joined by a friend. Between the two they had 10 - 13 active lines rigged for shark in the water. They had taken over the entire southeast end of the pier.

I decided to call CalTip. Dispatch sent over a Warden to handle the situation. I didn't stick around. I'm tempted to call back and learn of the results. But, I don't want to be disappointed if nothing substantial happened. I'll just settle for the satisfaction that their conduct regarding multiple rods was addressed.

All I wanted to do was relax with some pier fishing! LOL.

Good luck my friends.

Ken Jones

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Good to hear you had some success. As for the sharkers, there is no shortage of knuckleheads and we can only hope that the Fish and Wildlife were able to catch them and give them a ticket.

Fishman Fishman

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May his line get tangled.

I wonder if it was Spencer?

If there is a posted sign about rod limit, maybe local police could help us?
Interesting you make that comment. Pier has signs posted that allow only three rods per person. In contrast to state law allowing two rods per person.


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I have seen these guys more than a few times there, fishing the same spot. These are the kind of guys that make other anglers look bad in the eyes of those who oppose fishing. They think we are all like this, that is the worst part.
These guys are rude, try to be intimidating to other anglers, leaving trash everywhere and blasting their garbage music (if you want to call it music). Not to mention the plethora of laws and rules they will never respect or follow. In all honesty, i dont frequent Belmont as much anymore because of these types of activities. But what the kids see on their social medias is this crap and they think its cool, and it is far from that. Ranting over 😉
I must say since post 2020, I have encountered much more "incidents" on my fishing sessions. Lake Silverwood, some guy in a rental purposely did a B line towards my set lines on shore. Newport pier, had a group trying to take over my spot like I wasn't even there. Huntington pier, had a shark guy talking to me like Fu Man Chu. On a full day catalina trip, some deadhead constantly out for me one way or another. He actually follow me around the boat and wouldn't shut up with remarks. I finally had enough when a tangle happened and he grabbed my rod with a jerk as if to help, and we were squared up ready to go. I'm not saying they are racially motivated, I'm Asian.. but it sure feels like it.


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Could be the same who visit San Clemente on the weekends.
i generally find the sharking crew at San Clemente friendly. Many are young, boisterous and use profanity regularly when they speak but I have fished with them frequently at the end of the pier and never had an issue casting in between their lines.
Sorry to hear the bad reports about the piers.

One reason I go to Catalina is I am mostly alone. I do have the sheriff's number in my phone and would not hesitate to call them.

I have had one incident with a pothead, which I almost called them, but he went away.

It seems the guy on the boat was racially motivated.