Bluefin Tuna at Balboa Pier Sunday

Yesterday at noon in the surf area was a beautiful blue fin tuna just swimming around quickly. Am sure he is wondering where he was. That is the second time in the past years we have seen a tuna come into the surf area, swim around and then leave. Makes you wonder. He was beautiful with the blue colors showing up because of the clear water and bright sun. No it was not an albacore or a skipjack.



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Wow! The sunday i decide to hop on a boat instead of the pier! There was tons of radio chatter near Dana Pt and Newport about the Yellowfin following dolphins, still tough to hook up. Birds crashing aggressively, dolphins jumping, sea lions everywhere. We chased some YF towards the double rigs off Huntington, no luck. They were steaming around chasing something. I did see a large fish jump 3 feet above the surface, not sure what it was, but it looked like either a black and silver looking Dorado or a swordy with no sword. It was a split second and couldnt tell what it was. We had no luck on any large pelagics, but there was tons of whitefish, sheephead, blue perch, sand dabs all piled up in the same area, that was when and if we could get our rigs past the massive schools of mackerel. I have never seen that much mackerel, it was like the boat was floating on macs.
I hope one of you lucky ones will land one of these tuna off the pier! Rooting for you snookie!