Belmont pier - Sunday 01-31-21


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Didnt plan on fishing initially, but I happened to be in the Long Beach area 2 miles from the pier, so i figured I’d stop by for a few mins. Mildly crowded.
All i had was my baitcaster i leave in the car and a single Big Hammer. Made a few casts starting near the boat ramp, hoping for a bass of any kind, no luck. Not much action from other anglers, lots of pot smoke at the end of the T’s, both sides! i only saw one guy catching, he was using a long 10 hook sabiki with what looked like size 6 hooks- he had a bucket full of Sardines, 3” mackerels, tiny smelt, and a few up to 8” herring. I left after about 30 mins as it was getting chilly! Overcast all day, little bit of wind.

Brock Norris

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Thanks for the report I've been fishing there couple times a week lately mostly sardines for those that want them a few mackerel and some short sculpin glad you were able to get out for a few casts