Belmont Pier Sportfishing


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The black and white $22 ticket was from the late 90’s I believe. Even though it looks old, that 562 are code is a big clue! 1990’s doesnt feel that long ago to me. 🙂

Ken Jones

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You're probably right on the '90s. Clearing out my files and running into things that sometimes are marked and sometimes are not. BTW, so sad to see how much less vibrant Belmont is today compared to then. I was told a few months ago that things are starting to change. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Not sure about the Annie B advertisement although I went back to check my records to see the date when I spent an all-nighter on it with a group of high school students. That date was May 16-17, 1988 so that paper may be from then.

At one time I traveled up and down the coast almost every year hitting the piers—and picking up all kinds of stuff like this.


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I was just recently thinking the same about Belmont, and Long Beach in general. But crowds are different nowadays. I love seeing old stuff like that, always brings back good memories. In my mind the printed material isnt old, but when I see a picture, it sure looks old!