Balboa Pier Sunday 10-25-20 One Bonito!


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Got to Balboa around 9am, tons of bait in the water, semi-strong current, wind picked up more and more as the day went on. After about 20 mins of bait fishing, finally able to locate some sardines, once i got past the smelt on the surface. Also had my splash feather ready and a jig ready on another rod, and one for live bait (im only fishing 1 rod at a time, just have those ready in case).

Deployed the sardine, and my friend hooks up a decent sized (2-3lb) towards mid-pier around the same time. 5 mins later im on with a heavy fighter, took 2-3 mins to bring him up on my 15lb setup- he was full of color with a lot of striped and bright green on top, didnt weigh it, but it was the largest one i saw all day, im estimating 4-5lbs, 26+ inches. Kept trying live bait for a bit, but the bonito would come up and sniff my bait and swim away, prob bad bait. Jigs and splasher were not working for me. Left around noon when the wind was really starting to pick up. One hefty bone was good enough for me as i wasnt expecting much. Sorry no pics! Few but large mackerel around every once in a while.