Balboa Pier Happenings

Last Thursday I landed a 22 1/2 inch halibut using a sardine in the surf area. Also got 3 others which weren't keepers and a sand bass. Yesterday we had strikes all the time. Most were shovel nose guitarfish and bat rays plus one small halibut. We had a great time. Yesterday it was just luck that we all got parking places in the big lot next to the pier. the city was cleaning up the rest of the big lot so it was not open for all of us. The homeless had collected their belongings and piled them next to the trailered rest rooms. Apparently they made it through the big waters last week. Oh yes the bonitos are around, but most of them are about 10 inches with a few a proper size. Unfortunately a lot of them went home in buckets even though we tried to tell them they were illegal over 5.


SC McCarty

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Its nice to hear that bonito have made it up to Orange County. It would be great if they made it up to Ventura County one of these years.

Tempted to head south.
I don't want to hijack Snookie's thread, but if you are heading south, you might want to check ahead for some of the San Diego piers. This map, Southern California surface water temps, shows water temperatures that are in the sweet spot for a lot of game fish.