Balboa Pier Friday and Sunday

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Fortunate to spend the weekend at friends condo. A five minute walk to Balboa pier. Fished all day Friday, a slight windy. But, still fishable. Caught 1 thornback and one smelt that was used as live bait - no takers. Overall fishing was very slow on the pier. At the end of the day I had caught the two previously mentioned fish plus one crab, one turban snail and three purple starfish. Can anyone ID crab?

Far to windy on Saturday to fish. Pier was empty of fisherman.

A perfect sunny day on Sunday, little to no wind. Caught 3 thornbacks and two purple starfish. Both days the mackerel, jacksmelt and sardines were few and far between. The mackerel/smelt fisherman were leaving with empty buckets both days.

The beautiful days kept my spirits high. 20220121_113206.jpg 20220121_124602.jpg


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When I was living in Istanbul, Turkey [196-1970], I used to break those and use the soft, worm looking part as bait and catch small gobies.

Single hook, a split shot hand cast line from a cork block. No rod or reel.