Balboa Pier and Newport Harbor 6/20


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Went to Balboa pier at around 7am. There was a lot of micro bait in the water, which was all the fish were eating. I fished a sabiki rig and a kastmaster until 2pm, with only a couple smelt, a lizardfish, and a few mackerel for my efforts. I then made the walk over to a public dock. (I can’t figure out what to call it, it’s by a small beach with a concrete wall) There, the action on mackerel was fast and furious. I caught well over 50 using soft plastics and flylined chunks of cut mackerel, keeping only the ones that had swallowed the hook deeply. Even then I ended the day at around 5pm, taking home 28 mackerel, six smelt, and the lizardfish which had swallowed the treble hook and was beyond saving. Some other anglers were able to catch a couple halibut, with one legal.

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You are one lucky guy, getting to fish so often! I wish i had the time.
Get in as much as you can while you are still young! Its great you are so knowledgeable about fishing and conservation! Happy fishing!