Balboa Pier and fishing line...


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Its really good the sport fishing guys are trying to help out, but the author of the article makes it sound harder than it is, and parts if the article seem made up, he kinda makes it sound like they unspool 375 yds of line every trip on each reel, doubt that is true. Balboa is one of the cleanest piers around, but there is tons of line and hooks snagged on the pilings- i used to frequently see one of the regulars, an old Japanese man “gramps”, always has a red apron on ( sorry dont know his real name) clean up those snagged lines with his rope gaff, he does what he can to help clean up, so thanks to him for that.

But im glad the sportfishers took the initiative to execute a plan. i hope their devices work and help to spread knowledge to anglers to be more responsible. I have seen the pvc tubes around Long Beach and they are always filled with trash or broken, not sure most people know what they are for or take the time to read the sign.

Ken Jones

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I believe UPSAC installed line recycle bins on the pier many years ago but we never received any publicity. Probably our fault.