Balboa Pier 06-14-20 report. Bad!


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I guess the fish are quarantining and self isolating too!
Got there are 545am, tons of anglers already set up. Didnt see any fish in anyones buckets. Lots of wind coming from the SW, a lot of rip currents. A lot of bait in the water, mostly smelt, sporadic sardines. About 9am, another angler got a 4” mack and a 7” queenfish on a baited sabiki. Around 10am, saw a small halibut hooked up and released mid pier. One huge mack, prob 15”, around 12 on a jigged baitless sabiki. And thats all i saw.
No action at all but perfect weather, crowded beach, but not as crowded as a normal summer Sunday. Water was dirty brown, lots of scattered kelp floating around.