Avalon 7/10

Took a solo day trip to Avalon to do some fishing. I took the 6am boat out of Long Beach and started off fishing for opaleye. I then saw that calico from my last trip come follow some of the smaller fish that I had caught and released. I caught a senorita wrasse and flylined it next to the piling, and watched as the bass inhaled it. The fight itself was quick and brutal, but I was able to land it. The calico taped out to just over 24", and was girthy to boot. I released it after a couple pictures. The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful, with a couple decent sized fish lost to snags. I caught a couple opaleye, but otherwise fishing was slow. I also saw some barracuda swimming close to the pier that wanted nothing to do with lures or flylined smelt. Around 2pm, I put my cooler and two of my rods in storage and walked to Pebbly Beach. Once there, I fished chunks of mackerel on a fishfinder rig. Within 15 minutes of the bait hitting the water, I hooked a decent sized leopard shark that came off right at shore due to a bad knot. I continued fishing, and caught a short calico and a ~36" shovelnose that was released. I then had a soft take, which quickly turned into a ~20 min fight on 20 lb class bass gear that took me 100 yards down the beach. With the help of a bystander, I was able to land another leopard shark. After releasing it, I fished for a little more, but caught only a couple short calico. At around 6pm, I walked back to the Mole and fished for opaleye with little luck until I took the 7:20 boat home. Although this time around I didn't take very much home, this was definitely one of the most rewarding trips I had been on.

Leopard shark: (I am around 6' tall)