Any tips for the Newport Jetty


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My girl and I are going to fish Newport Jetty on Saturday. Our plan is to get there around 6am. High tide is around 7:30am.

My plan is to set the poles up with floats. A standard float setup for her with a smaller bait hook so she can fish for Opal eye and perch.

I’m thinking about setting up with a popper cork and fishing a plastic for sand bass and calico bass.

Any pointers? We’ve never fished the jetty


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Dont forget the Krocodile spoon, works well in fast current and in/near eddys. Wear shoes with a lot of grip for the slippery rocks. Bring a “porta-john” or gatorade bottle for bathroom breaks, restroom is far and if youre like me and drink a lot of fluids, you will need it often. Try fishing the south side facing the inlet, or at the very end of the rockpile straight out with a heavy sinker and a carolina or similar rig.